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7 Ways To Use The Death Benefit

  In this recent presentation, Truth Concepts™ did for The National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys we demonstrate how to determine the rate of return on the cash value of a policy as well as take you through the 7 ways to use the death benefit. This is also a good tutorial on the use of the Funding, Diversification and Distribution calculators.  

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The Truth About Whole Life Insurance Rates of Return

“Is Whole Life Insurance a Good Investment?” Perhaps no question has generated as much controversy on financial blogs and forums as this one. “Typical” advisors and the media-hyped financial gurus say, “Stay away from whole life insurance!” Meanwhile, many passionate agents and advisors try in vain to correct the misconceptions, sometimes stating their own misconceptions, or irritating others who believe their unbridled enthusiasm is motivated only by commissions. Indeed, The White Coat Investor website’s most popular post on whole life insurance (written by a self-appointed, unlicensed financial “expert” who is

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Truth Tip on Diversification

In order to replace the Annual Earnings Rate column with the Market History, click the Earnings Rate button on the top left first, then copy and paste the Market History into the Annual Earnings Rate column.  Remember to cut off the term premiums by filling in the Year to Cancel that comes up in the middle of the page after you’ve put in your Term Insurance DB.

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