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Prosperity Proof #2: Choosing the Right Mortgage

When choosing a mortgage loan, it’s essential to look at all of the facts. Buying a home is a huge financial decision. Being equipped with the right knowledge will ensure you and your clients have the right strategy. A 15-year mortgage has the appeal of a quick payoff, but is it better than a 30-year mortgage? Some people would say yes. We’ll show you how to figure it out. In this installment of Prosperity Proofs, we’ll compare a “typical financial planning mortgage” to a mortgage in line with the Prosperity

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Life Insurance Values Tool, Importing Lafayette Life Data

Though the calculators are the meat of the Truth Concepts software, the tools included are an invaluable time-saving resource. In calculators such as Funding, Borrowing, Diversification, Accumulation, Distribution, and Asset Flow, the Life Insurance Values tool cuts the workload significantly. Rather than continually copying & pasting life insurance values, you can import life insurance illustrations directly into your calculator from previously stored data. So where does that data come from? Fortunately, there’s no initial copying & pasting at all. Instead, you can import the information straight from an insurance illustration

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Truth Concepts on

New Truth Concepts Client Presentations! We’ve been busy loading up our Truth Concepts YouTube channel  with videos for you! Now there are 15 videos featuring Todd Langford and/or Truth Concepts software. The YouTube channel houses our Truth Concepts, Truth Concepts Academy, and Summit videos, as well as several presentation videos and  Banking for Life excerpts and outtakes with Todd Langford. Eight of the newer videos are from a client event at a local insurance brokerage. We recorded and “screen captured” Todd’s presentations and divided it up by topic. (FYI, Todd’s

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