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More Truth Quotes!

We published some “Truth Quotes” awhile back… comments and sayings compiled from a Truth Training (mostly Todd Langford’s). At a recent training in Salt Lake City, a new list of quotes heard at a Truth Training was compiled. Unless otherwise noted, the quote came from Todd Langford (although we don’t guarantee that he was the source of every quote!) “There is usually some basis of truth in what is said about money, but the analysis of the data is skewed.” “What should the average person do? All they can.”

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“Truth Quotes”

We had the privilege of conducting a Truth Training in Salt Lake City hosted by Paradigm Life. Jay Gentry of Chandler Advisors, LLC compiled his favorite quotes from the training. (Thanks Jay!) We hope you’ll enjoy (and maybe even repeat) some of these “Truth Quotes”:   “Eliminate ‘government’ from our vocabulary and replace with ‘taxpayers.’ ” “#1 job of a life insurance company is to be profitable.” “FDIC money doesn’t actually exist.” “Carriers ‘earmark’ interest up front.” “Banking is simply doing the same as all other retail – they are

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