Importing Life Insurance Values: Lafayette Life

Before you can use the suite of Truth Concepts calculators, you'll want to make sure you've imported your life insurance data in the Life Insurance Values, under the “Tools” drop-down menu. With recent updates to both Truth Concepts and Lafayette Life, the process for importing life insurance data from this particular life insurance company has changed. Read on for a step-by-step walkthrough of the new process.

1.Open your Lafayette Life Online Illustration Application. Proceed as you would normally by inputting all pertinent information into the software.

2. Export. Press the “Export to Excel” button, and wait for the File Name prompt.

3. Save. How you save is ultimately up to you. For ease and consistency, my recommendation is to save it in your Documents folder (or “myDocuments” depending on your version of Windows) with the file name TC.XLS. (You'll see why it simplifies things below).

4. Open Life Insurance Values. As stated earlier, this is under the “Tools” tab on your Truth Concepts task bar. Select the button on the top-center of the tool that says, “Import Values from Illustration.”

5. Select Lafayette Life from the Insurance Company drop-down.

6. Update your Default. If you have used this tool in Truth Concepts prior to version, you'll need to update your default file. Select the “Default File” button and change the file name to “TC.xls” and the folder to your documents folder. This will automatically select the file as you saved it in Step 3. If you used a different name or location than suggested in Step 3, you'll need to use the browse button to locate the file you desire.

7. Location. Select the policy location from the PLI buttons at the top (PLI 1-6).

8. Import. Select the import data button.

And that's it!

After you've completed these steps, you can continue to import illustrations that are necessary for your usage until PLI 1-6 are filled, if you so desire. Then if you save this file as a TC Data file, the values will be saved. And the next time you need to use the same illustrations, you won't need to re-upload them from Lafayette Life. Instead, you'll need only select the button “Import Values from Existing Case File” and select the TC Data file of your choice.