Truth Tip Accumulation

The Accumulation Calculator shows the effectiveness of money growing (taxable, tax deferred, tax deductible and/or tax free) and it has multiple variable payment and withdrawal columns, the ability to vary the earnings rate, and to add term insurance and  other costs. 

In this calculator you can create an exact copy of existing information currently in the calculator by pushing the “Duplicate” button on the top left.  PINK box means column showing but no #’s.  YELLOW box means #’s but no column showing.  BLUE box means #’s in the column and its showing.  EXTERNAL COSTS are things like term insurance and other costs not directly associated with the account itself but relevant to the overall picture.  INTERNAL COSTS are management fees and other costs associated with the actual account itself.

When in the CASH FLOW section, Payment 1 and 2 are treated as payments, whether or not the number you put in is negative or positive.  Same with Withdrawal 1 and 2.  However, the Payments and Withdrawal button can be either so it matters whether you use a negative or a positive.

Definition of “Additional Income” is “net after taxes but before qualified plan deduction”.  For example, if someone is earning $150,000 they have $30,000 of mortgage interest deductions and $10,000 of charitable deductions, then Additional Income is $110,000 for the Qualified Plan Calculator and if they are putting $15,000 into their QP, then Additional Income is $95,000 for Accumulation and Distribution Calculator.