Truth Tip, Using Two Screens

Did you know there’s a function in the Truth Concepts software that creates more fluidity if you’re using two screens? The power of two screens is amazing—we hope you’re taking advantage of the productivity boost. And if you’re anything like Todd, you’re even using three or more screens.

Two screens are especially useful if you enjoy pulling up multiple calculators and spreading them out. Typically, it can take extra effort when you're ready to move back to one screen, but we've made it simple.

At the bottom of the “Tools” drop-down menu, there is a line item that says, “Move all TC to Primary Display.” This button allows you to merge everything immediately. The bonus–you don't even need your second screen with you to return the file to the Primary Screen.

Say you take your laptop home when you leave the office. If you decide to open the TC file on your laptop later, you may notice that not all of the files appear onscreen. When you work on two screens, the files will save as if on two screens. So you're not missing anything, the additional calculators are simply off-screen. Provided your laptop is the primary screen, hitting “Move all TC to Primary Display” will move all files to the laptop.

How cool is that? It’s streamlined and simple, allowing you to adjust your workflow to your environment.