Financial Calculators Tutorial

Financial Calculators Tutorial by Norman Baker:

Here is a short tutorial on the financial calculators in Truth Concepts.  Future Value, Present Value, Payment, Interest Rate and Time Period Calculator.  I can size the calculator by moving my cursor to the edge bottom or side and stretching.  I can make it as big as I want to or reduce to an icon.  I can memorize the short cut keys. 


Rate Calculator:  We’re looking for a future value of $1,000,000 as hypothetical suppose we have a $100,000 of cash to start with we’re going to make a $10,000 payment and we’d like to have $1,000,000 and we’d like to do that in 20 years.  So the calculator solves for interest rate and tells me that 8.27 is the percent I would have to earn in order to have my million dollars. 


Present Value:  I double clicked on the “Present Value” in the Rate Calculator and now I have a Present Value Calculator up.  Our future value is $1,000,000 we’ve got an annual payment of $10,000 and annual rate of 8.27% and we’ve got 20 years it gives us a present value that is less than our $100,000 to start with the reason for that is this decimal point the output has 13 decimal points, by right clicking on output section I get the whole number and paste and that should get the $100,000 present value to the penny. 


Payment Calculator:  Solving for payment, Present value again $100,000 future value is a million annual rate is still in memory, left click right click and paste to give the 8.27% rounded but I have all the decimal points in.  I’m looking for a 20 year period and it tells me in order to have all those other assumptions I’ve got to have an annual payment of $10,000. 


Future Value:  Click and Size again for a new calculator.  Again present value number is $100,000, $10,000 payment, rate is in memory, over 20 year period this gives us our $1,000,000.


Time Period or Number of Years:  Click on Years.  You’ve got your $100,000 you’ve started with, $10,000 annual payment will produce a million dollars with the pasted interest rate in and it tells us that it takes 20 years to accomplish. 


This scenario I could click on file save, give it a name, save it and it will bring those calculators up in that particular format just like we have it on the screen.

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  1. I have been working with the calculators and seem to be making some process, but I can not figure our how to load a whole life on the software. I know you showed us in class, but I can not remember. Tried learning through on line tutorials but could not finds any way to do this.
    Could you send me a quick guide, as I save it on the hard drive and it won’t move into the truth concepts software.