How can I get an amortization schedule?  We’ll use the Loan Analysis calculator in the software to print a 48 month amortization schedule for a $35,000 loan to be paid back at 6.5%.  The picture below only shows until month 24, but the rest is there below in the actual software when you click the scroll bar. tc amort Next, we’ll select the from the Alternate Payback section a button to the right of Annual Loan Rate to see what happens if we paid the loan back at 10% instead of 6.5%.  You can see below that it changes the months to 44.47 and the Monthly Payment to 887.69. tc amort 2 Or we can Apply Excess Payment to the loan to shorten the loan period and save the extra four months. tc amort 3 If we don’t push “Apply Excess Payment” the calculator will accumulate the excess in a side fund at whatever Net Savings Rate you identify. Click “Period Number” Box to change from sequential numbers on the left to an actual Start Date for an amortization schedule printout to give to your client so they know how to pay their life insurance loan back and any other loan payment stream.