How to Make a Desktop Shortcut for Truth Concepts Academy

How to make a desktop shortcut for truth concepts academy

Truth Concepts Academy is an invaluable resource included in all TC 360 memberships. With TCA, you can access tutorials, training videos, and all previous monthly training calls with Todd. It’s a perfect way to brush up on your favorite calculators and keep your skills sharp. And we want to help you navigate to it with as much ease as possible by showing you how to make a desktop shortcut!

Following this tutorial will help you to either create an icon for TCA on your computer’s Desktop, or add it to your Bookmarks Bar. Both will help you access TCA with a click so that access is simple. You won’t have to worry about manually entering the website in your browser ever again!

How to Make a Desktop Shortcut

Your Desktop is the base screen, or home screen, of your laptop or computer. In general, you get Desktop icons when you download a new program or software, or when you manually add a computer file to your home screen. Even better, you can add websites to your Desktop as icons too.!This allows you to open them easily as if you’re opening an application like the Truth Concepts calculators. 

For this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create the Desktop shortcut using Google Chrome as your web browser.

1. Open Chrome and Go to Truth Concepts Academy.

To start, simply navigate to the website you’d like to create a shortcut for. In this case, we’ll go to Truth Concepts Academy (which you can also navigate to from our website, under the Training menu). 

Note that because TCA requires a login, you will still have to log in each time you visit the site. Use a password manager like LastPass to keep track of your passwords if needed. 

2. Click the 3-dot icon in the top right-hand corner of your browser.

3. Hover Over “More Tools,” then click on “Create Shortcut.”

4. Name the Shortcut.

You’re free to name this shortcut whatever you’d like, and it will show up on your Desktop that way. Choose something you’ll remember. For example, if you refer to Truth Concepts Academy as TCA, that may be all you want. “TC Academy” is another good option.

You also have the option to check a box labeled “Open As Window.” All this means is that when you click the shortcut, it will take you to a new browser window, instead of an existing one. If you tend to have a lot of tabs open, you may prefer to have the website open in a new window to keep clutter down. 

5. Click Create.

You’ve Got a Shortcut! 

The icon on the shortcut will be the same as the icon on the website, so you don't have to worry about adding your own. Now, whenever you want to visit TCA, you can simply double-click the icon to open it. 

Note to Mac Users: After you click “Create” for your shortcut, a “Finder” window will pop up. All you need to do for the shortcut to appear on your Desktop is drag the icon from the pop-up to your Desktop screen. 

How to Create a Bookmark

If you would rather keep your Desktop clean, you can add the shortcut to your Bookmarks Bar instead. The Bookmarks Bar hangs out below the search bar and allows you to visit your favorite sites with a single click.

To Quick-Add a Bookmark, Hit Ctrl+D 

When you hit Crtl+D, you’ll receive a pop-up that allows you to name your bookmark and choose where it will go. You can either add it to your Bookmarks Bar or a specific folder in your Bookmarks. 

Putting it on your Bookmarks Bar gives you the easiest access, so you can visit the site at the click of a button. Otherwise, you can navigate to it by clicking on “Other Bookmarks” on the Bookmarks Bar and finding the correct location. 

Below is what it will look like after you've successfully created a Bookmark. Note that the wording gets cut off, so it may be preferable to abbreviate it to TCA.

Other Uses for Shortcuts

Creating Desktop shortcuts or Bookmarks helps you to easily navigate to websites that you intend to get a lot of use out of. If you’re going to be using a website regularly, it’s a great idea to create a shortcut or bookmark for easy navigation. 

If you create a Bookmark or shortcut for Truth Concepts Academy, you might also want to consider what other websites, training modules, and tools you use regularly. For example, the Whole Truth Videos, the TC Blog, or the TC tutorials page may also be worth creating a “quick access” shortcut for. 

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