Truth Quotes, Part 3

We had the privilege, these last few days, of conducting yet another Truth Training in Salt Lake City, hosted by Paradigm Life. There was a lot of wisdom shared, and for those of you who couldn’t be there (and those of you who didn’t get them noted in time), we’d like to share the wealth of knowledge. Unless otherwise noted, the quotes are from our own Todd Langford (though we can't guarantee they originated with him).

We hope you’ll enjoy the most recent installment of “Truth Quotes.”

“Systematize the predictable and humanize the exceptional.” –Four Seasons

“Purpose is the intersection of what you’re good at, what you care about, and what creates the most value for the people you serve.” –Patrick Donahoe

“If the computers could do it all, why would we need advisors? There needs to be someone between the math and the personal, using tangibles to interpret the intangibles.”

“Leverage works in finance just like it does in physics.”

“If it looks too good to be true, dig a little deeper. Don’t discard it.”

“The numbers should have enhanced what we’re doing, but for many of us it’s become what we’re doing.”

“Good is the enemy of great.” — Patrick Donahoe

“When times are good people get comfortable, and the problem with that is that people start coasting.”

“Why is term insurance ‘cheap?’ Because there’s no risk to the company. On the flip side, whole life insurance isn’t because the companies know it will pay out.” (Remember, “There are no deals in the insurance industry.”)

“You’re not going to get what you want until you stop telling yourself the story of why you don’t have it.”

“Who earned money on the federal government’s money? Looks like the federal government did.”

“The number one rule of the banking strategy is that you’ve got to pay it back.”

“If you’re a policy owner with a mutual company, you receive your share of all the profits. An IUL promises more. How can you get more than all of the profits?”

“Who funds the big real estate deals? Banks? No, insurance companies are doing that.”

“Part of your net worth is your house, but you can’t spend that.”

“People let the tax tail wag the dog.”

“Most real estate investors know that you buy a property with as little of your own money as possible, and yet they don’t seem to know why, because many of them are using every extra penny they have to pay down the loan.”

“The amount of cumulative interest, removed from the time value of money, is just a fun fact.”

“To me, [the word] certainty is more offensive and [the word] security is more defensive.”

“When you make a decision out of fear, it is almost always the wrong decision.”

“Contrary to what people think, the closer you get to paying off your house, the higher your risk.”

“Simple interest does not exist. It’s a fantasy that exists only in people’s minds. If you don’t pay the interest, it’s going to compound.”

“Do you think that the person who accumulates the dollars ought to be the one who spends them?”

“Your WHY must be bigger than your obstacle or they will continue to define you.” –Gary Munson


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