Truth Quotes, Part 5

The time has come for another round-up of quotes from Todd Langford, and some others, that we've gathered during our last Truth Training and TC 360 in 60 sessions. We hope these quotes inspire you on your journey to seek the Truth, and help clients do the same with their finances.

(Quotes are from Todd Langford unless otherwise noted.)

Quotes on Financial Math

“If the numbers are right, they don't matter. If the numbers are wrong, they don't matter.”

“The point is, calculators can calculate numbers, but they cannot calculate real-world scenarios.”

“Money is not math.”

Quotes on Human Life Value

“Is term insurance good or bad? It just is; it's a tool that can be good or bad, depending on how it's used.”

“The insurance company is not going to give you more than your economic life value. If the insurance company thinks you're worth it, you can get it.”

“All you can get is still going to be less than what you need to cover it.”

“I'd rather buy term and save the rest in whole life insurance.”

Quotes on Purpose

“If you hate what you're doing, what is the likelihood you're going to be effective at what you do?”

“Why do people retire? Because they hate what they do.”

“Our ability to work and earn a living is the greatest one we have.”

Quotes on Working with Clients

“We've got to understand that we're a cost to our clients.”

“You need to take responsibility for your participation in this industry.”

“If it's all about the check, you're only going to do enough to get the check.”

“You don't need to share everything you know with your client; they need enough to make a valid decision.”

Quotes on Knowledge and Truth

“Knowledge is useless without application.”

“I am passionate about what I do—this industry and the Truth. That can make it seem like it's my way or the highway. It's not. Don't be afraid to ask questions.”

“I am passionate about this. I'm going to fight for my position. I expect you to fight for yours. That's how we get to the Truth.”

Other Quotes

“When a student is ready, a teacher appears.” —Monty Flack

“When life keeps throwing banana peels in your path, you've just got to keep going.” —Jenny Steed

“People buy life insurance for one of two reasons: they either love someone, or they love something.” —Janet Sims

“Prosperity Economics puts the heart in Truth Concepts calculators.” —unknown attendee

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