5 Funny Financial Literacy Videos

If you've attended a Truth Training, you know we like to share some videos along the way. Rather than strictly educational, we aim for some comedic relief with an honest punchline. It helps to break up the long days while still being valuable. We've compiled our favorite funny financial literacy videos here. That way you can share with family, friends, clients, or anyone else you can think of.

In particular, we think these videos can be useful to share with clients to break the ice on tough-to-discuss topics, like college planning, saving money, and debt reduction.

Funny Videos on Education

“The Four-Year Plan”

Many kids go to college because it's the thing to do, and they don't really have much of a vision beyond that.

Funny Videos on Life Insurance

“Needle-Nose Ned”

If you're a life insurance agent, you're probably familiar with Needle-Nose Ned. After all, it's what people think of when they hear someone sells insurance. The industry has a bad rap, despite life insurance being an incredibly useful product. Let this be the incentive to build the industry back up from the “ashes,” so to speak.

Funny Videos on Saving Money

“Don't Buy Stuff – SNL”

It's one of the surefire ways to have more money in the bank…

Funny Videos on Banks and Investing

“And It's Gone…”

Sometimes, this is what it feels like when you put money in the bank. (Or, when you trust banks and brokers to gamble with your money.)

“So You're Saying There's a Chance?”

This is what people sometimes hear when they hear the terms “risk and reward.” Yet, more risk doesn't mean more reward. The actual definition of risk is the likelihood of loss. More risk simply means more risk. And a 1 in a million chance to make it big isn't looking good.

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