The Preferences Tool: How to Change Your Software Color Scheme

Did you know that it’s possible to change and adjust your Truth Concepts Software color scheme? With the Preferences tool, you can change both the background of the charts, as well as the overall software color scheme. This feature can help you customize your calculators so that you can read them better or just to suit your personal taste.

Additionally, the Preferences tool lets you customize what kinds of notifications you get when using the software, and your font size. Let’s take a look at how you can customize your calculators.

The Preferences Tool

Start by selecting “Preferences” from the Tool dropdown list. Tools are going to be all the non-calculator mechanics that enhance your calculator experience. 

When you open the Preferences tool, you’ll get this as your default: 

In the top panel, you’ll see options for “Warnings.” These are the text boxes or sounds that appear when you take certain actions in your software. For example, “File Messages” will warn you if you’re about to open a new document over an existing one. This is to prevent you from losing all the hard work you’ve done if you are attempting to open something new but you haven’t saved your current work yet. 

You can disable any of these Warnings, however, we highly recommend keeping them on, especially if you’re new to the software. This ensures that you don’t lose any valuable time or work. The more experienced you become, and the more you use TC, the more you may realize you don’t want a certain Warning. At the very least, you can disable the sound of the Warning, if you wish.

Change Your Software Color Scheme

We’re thrilled to share that you can change your software color scheme any time you want, with more than a dozen options. This level of customization allows you to choose the look that suits you best.

Below is a sampling of current software color schemes.

Truth Concepts Dark (System Default)

Truth Concepts Dark, default software color scheme.

Aero Black

Aero Black, truth concepts software color scheme.

OSX Panther Light

OSX panther light, truth concepts software color scheme.

XP Royale Indigo

XP royale indigo, truth concepts software color scheme.

Preferences Tool: Changing Chart Backgrounds

In addition to changing your software color scheme, you can also update how the Charts look. Not every calculator has Charts, however, for the ones that do, it’s critical that you and your clients can SEE what’s happening on them. 

Changing your chart background can help you find the ideal way to showcase your charts to clients. Let’s take a look at some of the options available in the Preferences tool, shown below. 

Black Background (Default)

Black chart background, default for preferences tool.

Blue Background

Blue chart background, preferences tool.

Purple Background

Purple chart background, preferences tool.

Teal Background

Teal background, preferences tool.

In addition to the COLOR of the Chart Background, you can also change the TONE. You can toggle between Dark, Medium, and Light. Or, you can choose not to have a Chart Background at all. 

Dark Teal

Medium Teal

Light Teal

Chart with NO Background

Is There Anything You Can’t Customize? 

While it’s true that the visual appearance of Truth Concepts is more customizable than ever, there are some things that do not change.

For example, you can not change the color of the columns within the calculators. However, we’ve streamlined the column colors so that they are the same across all calculators. For example, Account Value columns will now be Blue in every calculator. Yellow will now represent Cash Flows (in or out) in every calculator. 

Additionally, numbers that appear in Green text always represent money flowing toward you (this includes withdrawals). Numbers that appear in Red text represent money flowing away from you (including money you pay into an account you control). In other words, the color of the numbers doesn’t necessarily represent loss and gain, just the direction the money is flowing

By having these features remain “locked,” our hope is that users will be able to create a strong visual connection between the column colors and text colors and what is happening within the charts. However, this comes with time and regular use of the calculator.

Get Customizing! 

Now that you have an idea of what’s possible, it’s time to get customizing. Enjoy the process, whether it’s for aesthetics or function, and go see what’s possible. There are dozens of color combinations to be made.

Don’t see the Preferences tool? Make sure you’ve downloaded the most recent software update. Once you do, you’ll be ready to go. 

Want to learn even more ways to get the most from Truth Concepts? Attend a Truth Training, where you’ll learn the ins and outs of the calculators, all while learning how to convey the most important concepts to your clients.