Truth Tip, Saving Files

When you save your work in Truth Concepts, the file will include everything you have open, including the location of those files. For example, if you're using multiple screens when you save, the calculators will still be positioned as if you had those screens. So if you switch to a single screen, you'll want to press “Move All TC to Primary Display” to bring them into one screen. This also means that if you have some of the calculators minimized when you save, they'll be minimized when you open the calculator. So if you still think you're missing something, be sure to check your toolbar at the bottom of the screen for any minimized windows. And yes, you can save the notes that you write in your Notes tool! To make sure that a note stays with a particular calculator when saved, right-click on it and hit “attach to” before closing the calculator. This will ensure that your notes stay where you want them to, and get saved along with everything else.

Save Files Keep Life Insurance Data

The great thing about save files is that they hang onto Life Insurance Data that you've previously inputted, too. This means that you can use this to your advantage in one of a few ways. For example, if you tend to illustrate certain face amounts of life insurance frequently, you could have a save file named “Life Insurance Data” that you put some basic illustrations into. You could input $100k, $500k, and some term insurance, or you could get fancier and use the Life Insurance Values tool to input a more complex illustration that includes withdrawals to highlight a Cash Flow Bridge. By putting these into one file and saving them, you can find it easily in any time you want to add Life Values into a new calculator. All you have to do is select “Load Stored Life Insurance Data” and find your “master file.” Then you can extrapolate it based on the client's age or other factors to make it more accurate, if you want. Or, you can leave it more general so that you don't get too into the weeds with a client.

Name Your Save Files Well

You may have your own naming conventions for save files, yet here's what we recommend: saving by client. When you do this, you can actually keep all your client's relevant calculators open in a single file. That way, you don't fine yourself wishing that you had saved to separate calculators together so that those calculators could “communicate” with each other. It may seem overwhelming, yet it'll cut down on a lot of confusion in the long run. Keep things organized within the file by attaching Notes from the Notes tool to specific calculators. Then, you can simply name your case files something like “Smith, John and Jane.” You'll save a lot of computer space this way. To learn more about how to get the most from your software, visit us for Truth Training. You'll be in a room with the industry's best and brightest as they strengthen their knowledge and skills.

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