Truth Tip, Adjusting Numbers in Columns

The Truth Tips below can help you in all calculators, yet only in columns or cells that you can edit. You can distinguish editable cells because they are underlined in blue. When you double-click or highlight and right-click these blue cells, you will be able to make changes to the numbers, formulas, and more.

Examples of times you might edit cells would be to toggle between positive and negative numbers, change numbers or formulas, and paste in variable rates or values.

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Switching Between Positive and Negative Numbers

To switch from positive to negative numbers (or vice versa) click and drag your mouse to highlight the numbers you wish to change in a single column and right-click. Then select “Change Sign.”

Cash flow calculator, adjusting numbers from positive to negative

Please note that in all Truth Concepts Calculators, negative numbers (in red) indicate money flowing away from you. Positive numbers (in green) show money flowing toward you. That means that a withdrawal from your savings will be green because the money is leaving your account and being put in your pocket. Payments and contributions will therefore be shown as red. Keep this in mind as you make numbers positive or negative.

To Repeat a Number or Formula in a Column

To put the same number or formula in multiple cells, enter the number or formula in the first cell that you want. Then, click and drag your mouse to highlight all the cells you want to include, starting with the first cell.

Life insurance values, adjusting numbers to fill down the same number or formula.

Then, select ALT  + DOWN ARROW, or right-click and select “fill down”. This will make the number or formula the same in all highlighted cells.

This is a quick way to fill in level payments, show a stagnant account, apply a certain variable to an account, and more.

How to Copy and Paste Variable Numbers

Say you want to paste variable interest rates into a calculator to simulate the stock market. You can do this quite easily with our Market History tool. Simply choose a date range that you like, choose the market you wish to copy, and then click and drag the mouse to highlight all the rates in that column.

Then, you can choose the calculator you wish to paste the values into and right-click the first cell in your desired column.

You can simply choose “paste values,” and it will fill in as many cells as you copied from Market History. The copy/paste process can also be done with columns from your life insurance illustrations, into the Life Values tool.

Note: If you're trying to paste into a “rate” column that does not have a blue underline indicating that the cells can be edited, see if there's an input in the top section of the calculator that corresponds to that column. In Cash Flow, seen below, you can see that there's a place to input a “Fixed Earnings Rate.” If you click that button, it changes to “Variable Earnings Rate,” and the column turns blue.

Change Titles to Remember Your Columns

In many calculators, you may find yourself inputting numbers into a column or input labeled “other.” You can actually change the title of those boxes so that you can remember what that column represents. For example, you could change it to say insurance, extra fees, taxes, etc.

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